Fall Guys

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Fall Guys is a fun battle royale game in which you have to overcome various obstacles while playing alongside other players. All boys and girls can play and turn into falling guys in virtual reality, it's so much fun! Fight bizarre obstacles, fight your way through uncontrollable opponents and overcome the unyielding laws of physics to avoid humiliation and destruction. Leave your dignity at the door and get ready for a hilarious dash in search of the crown!

Play and immerse yourself in a series of ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses with many players online, each one hoping to overcome obstacles and come to the finish line first.

The goal of the game in each match is to bring your hero to the finish line first. Along the way, various mechanisms, big bats, swings, closed doors, narrow passages, inclined slides and more will be waiting for you. All of these obstacles are designed to throw players out of the playing field and prevent them from getting ahead. After falling, each player spawns at the last save point and can continue to run forward. Thus, to win the game, you need to show agility, speed, reaction and all your additional skills in order to get ahead, and even do it faster for other players.

Despite the many different maps, it is possible to quickly study them in order to know the whole path and go through it without a single mistake. These players can beat newbies in no time.